How to start writing a dissertation proposal without help

Writing a dissertation proposal may not be as difficult as you think. It can be intimidating in the beginning since it requires many steps. Remember, if you can choose a good topic and gain overall understanding of what is expected from you, it will make things easier when finalizing your project after getting approval. The proposal is the beginning of the project that will eventually include more content later on. You can make it easier on yourself by learning the basics early before needing assistance.

Study Guidelines and Find a Sample

Chances are this is your first dissertation proposal and you have no idea on where to start or how to get the ball rolling. Start off by reading guidelines for the project to learn expectations. If you have the chance, get insight from the approval committee or the source that will review your final proposal. Find a sample proposal to study. It may help to find more than one for comparison purposes and to get an idea of how they can vary. A good sample can act as an outline to help develop your own content.

Learn the Format and Plan Your Writing

What is the format for the proposal? How will you present your findings? Where do you go to get information you need? You may have various questions running through your mind at this point. It is a good time to create a writing plan. It will help you answer questions related to your project while making time for writing. There are sample writing plans available online to give an idea of what you can create. The plan also puts the project in perspective giving new understanding on how to develop your content.

Select the Right Topic and Get Feedback

If you don’t have the right topic selected the process can get stressful. Take your time selecting the right topic. An interesting topic you know about or something you don’t mind researching further will make PhD thesis writing easier. You won’t be tempted to rush through the process and it will help make parts of the proposal easier to develop. If you are not sure the topic selected is good enough for the project ask your instructor for tips on how to refine it.